The Importance of Training Legs

So I am going to blog about legs. People I know either love training their legs or hate it. I have lots of clients that say they rarely train legs and when I explain why they should, they will never skip training legs again.

Women are usually good about training legs because they want a nice butt. Men on the other hand, usually between the ages of 16-30 focus on their upper bodies so they look good in their shirts but hate training legs. Usually it is because it is hard for men to build mass in their legs or they are just being lazy.

Here are some reasons why it is important to train your legs:

1. Helps to strengthen your tendons and ligaments around your knees to prevent injuries

2. If you are a runner, or a triathlete you will be faster

3. Chicken legs suck

4. Your body will look better if you are well balanced between your upper and lower body

5. The awesome development of your core, hips, and legs will transfer into added strength when performing work with your upper body. Energy can be transferred from the lower to upper extremities if you have a strong core.

6. Your body will secrete more HGH(human growth hormone) when you work such a big muscle group. That means you will build more muscle, and that means everywhere

7. You will have more stamina for training, whether it is with weights or cardio

8. Working such a big muscle group will burn more calories, especially important if you want to lose body fat

9. Muscular legs look awesome

10. A round gluteus maximus looks good on everyone, pancake butts do not

Did I make my point clear? Have fun training!


  1. I love all your tips! They are awesome, especially #9 :)

  2. JUST-SAY-NO to chicken-legs & pancake butts!

    GREAT post Angelique☼


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