My Recent Leg Workout

So I have been asked about legs a lot lately, and I decided to blog about my latest leg workout. I like to do a variety of things to keep me pumped about my workout. I really love plyometrics. I do all sorts of different kinds, even in my group fitness classes.

Plyometrics is a type of exercise training designed to produce fast, powerful movements, and improve the functions of the nervous system, as well as to develop muscular power and strength. Great for sprint and power athletes and also great for burning lots of calories. A few types I do are power lunges and squats, and also box jumps. Box jumps can be used with a bench or a step. I like the step because you can add or take away as many risers underneath as you want.

I do not recommend plyometrics to anyone who has any knee or ankle problems.

So my latest leg workout went as follows after a 10 minute warm up on the treadmill:

1. Walking lunges(I counted up to 50) with 15 pound dumbbells, and I would superset that with box jumps. I had 6 risers under the step. Start on the floor then use force pushing from your toes and adding the arms with your power movement landing on the step in a squat position. Then jumping back down landing on the pads of your toes. I kept going up and down for about 15 repetitions. I rested about 1 minute and started with the walking lunges again. I did 4 sets of each.

2. Next I went to the smith machine for some squats, one of my favorite exercises. First set was with 25 pounds on each side. I then did a superset of more plyometrics, this time I stood with the step between my legs jumping up and bringing my legs together landing in a squat for 15 reps. 2nd set at the smith machine I added 2 more 25 plates for a total of 100 pounds(which I am very proud of my strength since I weigh about 106 right now!) 4 sets of each exercise.

3. I took a break from plyometrics and I did some straight legged dead lifts for the hamstrings and gluteus maximus super setting that with cable kickbacks for the same muscle groups. Check out my blog about "best lower body exercises" if you do not know what those ones are about. 4 sets each.

4. Next I went to the standing one leg hamstring curl machine. I really like this one because you can focus on one leg at a time. 15 pounds for each leg. I did super set that with more plyometrics, back to the first ones that I did. 3 sets each.

5. I finished off my workout with 3 sets of standing calf raises I think 95 pounds, then did about 10 minutes of abs.

I hope I gave you all some good ideas. Do not forget to stretch!


  1. Wow Ang, this one is a goodie! I usually pump the legs hard once a week. How often do you recommend weight training the legs per week?


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