Why Women Should Strength Train

Women are finally realizing the importance of weight training. Strength training is important to build strong and healthy bodies, especially as we get older. Here are some great reasons why weight training is important to the female body.

1. Increases our metabolism: More muscle we have the faster our metabolisms will be

2.Increases our lean muscle mass: Each pound of lean muscle mass burns an extra 35-50 calories per day and that is not including adding a work out!

3. Increases and restores bone density: Helps prevent and fight osteoporosis so it is never too late to start.

4. Injury prevention: Having a strong body means that our bones, ligaments and tendons are strong as well.

5. Improved core and balance: Having a strong core and stong legs helps stabilize us when we walk, lift, play golf, anything we enjoy so we do not tire out easily and also preventing slips or falls.

6. Helps with rehabilitation and recovery: Slowly building strength around the injured area is the best way to recover from injury.

7. Decreases risk of coronary disease: Strength training can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

8.Enhances life in general: Climbing stairs, holding grocery bags or carrying the kids becomes easier to manage.

9. More muscle means less body fat: This is an important one for women because a lot of women I know are afraid of getting that "bulky" look. This is untrue. Look at my pictures, do I look bulky to you? Let me tell you, I look way better in my 30's from lifting heavy weights then I did in my 20's when I would only run for exercise.

10. Improve mood and fight depression: Go pump some iron if you are feeling sad or mad. You will leave the gym in a better state of mind and things may not seem so bad afterwards.