How to survive dinner parties without sabotaging your goals

Eating clean is a constant challenge for a lot of people when we are invited to a friend or family member's homes for dinner. You want to be polite and enjoy the meals that they have prepared, but don’t want to mess up your goals and indulge in too much high-calorie foods. So how can we balance our social lives with our commitments to clean eating?

Social functions can be tricky when you’re trying to eat healthy. Will power plays a big part of what you will consume and we all have gone overboard many times. But as long as you plan ahead and have a few strategies in mind, you can stay right on track.

Here are a few things you may want to try next time a big social event is coming:

1. Offer to bring something healthy
Whether it’s a side dish, appetizer or dessert, bring something that you know is healthy and can take up some room on your plate. It’s always nice when guests bring something, I know I feel appreciated when my guests come with food, especially healthier options.

2. Have a snack beforehand
Do not show up starving! Before parties or social events, I like to have a snack right before I show up so I can try to avoid over eating.

3. Make sure you exercise that day
Make some time for exercise the day of the event so you can at least balance out some of those calories that you may consume.

4. Eat every 2-3 hours and balanced meals
When you know you have a social function that day, be sure to eat clean. Focus on consuming whole grains, low-fat protein, fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

5. Watch your portions!!
No one is checking to see how much you are eating. Portion control is very important, so take moderate servings, avoid seconds of the high calorie options, fill your plate with vegetables, and eat fruit for dessert. If you have to have a sweet treat, take just half of that cookie or a tiny piece of the chocolate cake.


  1. Great ideas here! I actually do a few of these before I go to my friends for dinner. Love having a healthy snack before hand and eating every 2-3 hours. Now, if I can trim off this fat on my thighs...(haha) Thanks for sharing, great post!


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