Life of a figure competitor-new workout schedule

As most of you know, I teach a lot of group fitness classes. Sometimes they can get in the way of my own workouts so I had to figure out and stick to a new weekly routine. I am trying to put on more size, especially my shoulders so I need to keep up with the heavy weight training to compensate with my light endurance training classes. Here is my new schedule:

Monday: 5:30pm SST(full body weight training, 1 hour) and 6:30pm Spin(1 hour)

Tuesday: 5pm 45 min heavy back training, 6pm 1/2 hour core training, 6:30pm SST

Wednesday: 6:30pm 1 hour bosu intervals(cardio with light weights and core)

Thursday: 4:30pm 45 min spin, 5:30pm Chest, shoulders and triceps(heavy weights)

Friday: No classes! Heavy back and biceps

Saturday: Heavy leg day with shoulders

Sunday: stair running 30 minutes

I can't wait to start this, starts today!