18 days until my diet

So I have 18 days left until I start dieting for the Sandra Wickham Fall Classic. It is not like I am eating bad right now, I am just not as strict as I could be. I have decided to start in 18 days because my cousin is getting married August 1st and I might as well have one more day of wine and dessert!

Not only am I dieting for this particular competition, now I have organized a group called "Team Kelowna" to compete in Fame Nationals October 24. I have a small group of girls that are going to be in random categories, myself included. It is going to be a fun time! We are going to work on sponsorship so this can be as cheap as possible for everyone. Competing can sure be expensive!

So I will have to keep up with my diet after Fame Nationals because the Sandra Wickham competition is 21 days later. I am hoping to kick some butt because I will be working with Obi Obadike for that particular competition. I am excited for Obi to bring my body to a level that I have never seen before.

Stay tuned Kelowna people, "Team Kelowna" will have a healthy BBQ soon. Please help support our group. We will be doing some fundraising through the Drug Free Sports Association so the money will also be going to a good cause, promoting athletes like us to encourage others to stay clean!