Obesity and Excuses

We have a rising epidemic in this country, it is called Obesity. Everywhere I turn I see more and more people with this problem. I also see more fast food restaurants and grocery stores offering "healthy options" which are still not as healthy as people think. It is just a way for these places to make money. Low fat does not mean low sugar, or no artifical crap in these foods. And low carb options does not mean lots of saturated fat hidden in the package waiting to give you that extra 5 pounds on your hips or belly this month.

People these days have excuses as to why they are gaining weight and I have heard them all being in the business that I am in, for example "I have no time to cook at home" or "it is my spouse's fault for bringing that bag of chips in the house" also "I was just so hungry I had to buy something". These are just excuses people. Maybe you are thinking that it is easy for me to say something like that but it is not. I have used all of these excuses myself.

I never used to look the way I do, in fact I did not care how I looked as long as I had my pizza and beer. I did not care about making healthy food at home. Actually I did not have time, I had a job! It was way easier for me to walk down the block to the local Save On Foods and get some fried chicken and potato wedges for lunch.

My attitude changed one day when I realized that I felt sick everyday because of the way I ate. I decided one day that Mcdonald's french fries and oreo Mcflurrys
was not a good choice for lunch. I will also remember the day when my life changed. I developed some pictures of myself and my family around my parent's pool and there was me in a yellow bikini holding a beer. I looked awful! The bikini was too small and I looked like I was 5 months pregnant. I was 23 years old and decided that I needed to do something before it was too late. That was the year that I fell in love with the gym.

My experiences with competing these last few years made me realize that clean eating is not that hard to do. Even when I am not training for a show, I still will grill up a package of chicken breast on the bbq and cook up some yams as well. I also boil some eggs for a quick snack to go. I make sure I have fresh fruit of some kind and will always have oatmeal and canned tuna on hand. These things do not take that long to prepare. I have a job and I still find time to get healthy food ready. I am sure everyone has time to do this on a Sunday. This will help you get prepared for your hectic week. If you have a family, make more. Trust me it does not last that long and you will not waste food.

Pack your children a chicken sandwich in a whole wheat bun, an apple and some low fat or skim milk and they will have a healthy meal for their day at school. It is easy to give your kids money for the cafeteria but most of these schools do not have many healthy options and your kids will not know what the healthy options are unless you educate them.

We need to start thinking and making smart decisions for ourselves and for our children's sake. Children getting medication for high blood pressure is the worst thing I have heard and there is no excuse for that, just laziness. Get your family involved in helping to make healthy food at home. Keep lots of fresh fruit and vegetables on hand. Make sure you have lots of protein options and grains at home.
Keep the fast food options to once a week as a treat. Start looking at labels and educating yourselves as to what is healthy and what is not.

It is not that hard, you just need to make an effort and it will be easier than you think!