Ladies! Getting back at the gym? Here is a program to help you start!

Hey Ladies!

I thought I would give out a program to help start you back to the gym this fall. Whether you are a beginner or been going for a bit know, this program will be sure to challenge and motivate you! Go through every exercise 2-3 times 12-15 repetitions depending on your fitness level. Try not to take many breaks, the harder you work the more calories you burn!

1. Pushups: On your knees or full pushups. One of my favorites! Great upper body sculpter! Make sure your back is straight and your belly is in supporting your core. If you are doing this on your knees, make sure your back is straight and your whole body is going down to the floor, not just your face. Keep that butt down!

2. Walking Lunges with Dummbell Bicep Curl: Make sure your back is straight with shoulder blades slightly squeezed to keep your body tall. Take a wide step forward, back foot should be up on toes and lower back knee down to the floor. Depending on fitness level and flexibility you do not have to lower knee all the way down. Bring back foot up to front and repeat with other leg. This is a great lower body sculpter! With every lunge curl your dummbells up for your biceps. Elbows remain slightly tucked in to body.

3. Standing Row with Band/Tube: Grab a tube and wrap around a secure post of some kind. Holding both handles walk out a bit so you feel some tension. Feet are hip width apart and you will be in a seated position. Pull handles back and squeeze shoulder blades.

4. Walking Side Squats: Weights are optional, feet together take a big step out to your side and squat down. Push your glutes back to engage them and squeeze. 10-12 reps to one side, then repeat the other way. Great for inner and outer thighs as well!

5. Ball Bridge with Front Shoulder Raise: Holding onto 5 pound weights, sit on the ball and roll yourself out until your neck and upper back is resting on the ball. Keep your hips up in the bridge position and hold. You will also be working your core and glutes with this one. Arms straight by your legs holding the weights, lift up until weights are pointing to the ceiling, lower back to legs and repeat.

6. Triceps Dips: Using a bench, shoulders back and palms resting on the bench. Knees bent will be easier and legs straight out with heels on the floor will be harder. Lower your body and lift, bending at elbows. Great exercise to get rid of those flabby arms!

7. Hamstring Ball Curl In: Lay on a mat with your feet up on the ball. Lift hips up and hold them there. Curl the ball into your body and push out. This is a great exercise for your lower body, you will definately feel this one!

8. Seated Core Twist: Sit tall on the floor, back straight and slightly on an angle. Keeping heels on the floor will make this one easier or you can keep heels up off the floor to engage your core a little more. This one is optional with a medicine ball. Holding ball or keep hands together, twist side to side lowering hands down to the floor by your hip. 12-20 reps on each side.

Like I said, go through these exercises 2-3 times with little breaks. If this is your first time working out, take more breaks and try going through this once to see how you feel. Try this program 2-3 times per week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Make sure you stretch after and eat a healthy meal of protein and carbs! Have fun!