My Competition Diet and Exercise

I realized that I have not blogged for a bit so I decided to blog about my diet. This time I have decided to do it on my own by making healthy choices, calorie counting and will power.

I have Shaun Hawthorne from One life in Kelowna doing my bodyfat tests once per week and giving me advice on diet. I was very motivated when I had my last bodyfat test done coming in at 11.9% after I totally sabotaged myself in Montreal by making bad food decisions and letting my love of red wine take over on the last few days I was there. So I hit it pretty hard this past week with diet and exercise!

I have been trying to get up early and doing cardio before I eat breakfast. It has been hard but I managed to get in a few and hopefully more next week. I find it tough with the weight training because I teach a lot of classes so I pick one or two body parts and hit them hard before or after my classes. I also focus on major muscle groups on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

I started running stairs in the morning here and there with Miriah and Denise, 2 of my teammates on "Team Kelowna". It was tough, and I did bail on them on Friday morning(sorry!). Hopefully I get in at least 3 early morning cardio sessions this coming week.

So in the morning I have been going back and forth with 1/2 cup oatmeal with 1 cup egg whites or 1 piece of whole grain toast with the same amount of eggs. The worst thing is getting bored of what I am eating or feeling sick when I look at a specific food because I ate it too much. I am eating a lot of chicken and tuna right now as well and I also realized that prawns are a great low fat source as well! A little high in cholesterol but I am not worried about that. 150 grams of prawns which equals to about 6-7 pieces is 90 calories and 12 grams of protein. Usually that is about all I can eat but I definately will not feel guilty if I eat more.

I am also getting my fats from almonds, peanut butter, salmon and avocados but I do limit this because even though these are healthy fats, it is still fat.

I am also keeping my calories low around 1300 per day which is my basal metabolic rate because the competition is 7 weeks away and I am aiming for 8% bodyfat. I do not recommend people to do this on a day to day basis, this is extreme dieting and you should not do this for a long period of time.

I am allowing myself a small cheat meal per week, which lately has been sushi. An 8 piece spicy tuna roll is 290 calories! If you eat sushi, you know that 8 pieces is not enough for most people. I usually eat more than that. I will eat a square of dark chocolate here and there. I am avoiding alcohol because it is bad for your metabolism and I love red wine too much to drink only one glass, lol!

I am low carbing it right now too, switching up to low carbs for 2 days and higher carbs for 2 days just so my body does not get depleted and also keeping my energy high. Right now carbs for me is oatmeal, whole wheat toast or english muffin and yams, sometimes rice.

I am getting another bodyfat test done tomorrow so hopefully it has changed a bit, wish me luck!