I am 2 weeks away from FAME NATIONALS and starting to get a little antsy! I am leaning out pretty good and I have a trainer who just kicks my butt. He makes me do things that I would never do by myself like run with tires attached to my waist and pull a sled with a rope attached only using my arms, oh and one of my favorites of all time...flipping bulldozer tires and jumping in and out of them! Hard but I really like that one. I never even asked how much they weigh...

My diet is pretty consistant with usually the same things everyday like lean chicken and turkey, tuna, protein shakes, almonds, oatmeal, yams, spinach, cucumbers, green beans, and egg whites. I am starting to water load gradually this week and hoping to get up to 6-8 litres by this coming Friday.

Starting tomorrow my diet is going to change for a bit. I am going to substitute oatmeal with yams, and stick to more chicken and tuna and no more protein shakes. Rather eat real food anyways, lol!

Here is what my diet is going to look like:

Meal one: 3oz yams with ½ cup egg whites.
Meal two: 3 oz tuna with tbsp balsamic vinegar
Meal three: 3 oz chicken with asparagus and 3 oz yams
Meal four: 3 cups spinach leaf with cucumbers, 10 almonds and 10 raisins and balsamic
Meal five: 3oz tuna
Meal six: ½ cup egg whites scrambled with green beans
Meal seven: 3oz chicken with asparagus
Meal eight: If I am still hungry, 3 oz tuna with cucumber slices

Wish me luck!