How To Keep On Track During The Holidays

Christmas is coming. That means staff parties, family get togethers, friends throwing Christmas and New Years bashes. How do you keep on track when there is so much temptation out there haunting you like a bad remake of a holiday movie? Well here are a few tips for you to consider this year:

1. Hit the gym

Just because it is Christmas vacation, does not mean you should take a break from the gym. You should definately continue hitting the gym if you are going to be having extra goodies.

2. Eat before going to a party

This helps because if you fill up with healthy food at home, chances are that you will eat less at the party. Hopefully you can save yourself from some nasty calories.

3. Have a small treat

Sure you can have a treat, but keep it to a minimum. Have one cookie or one brownie, not 5.

4. Make healthier choices

Try to fill your plate with fruit and veggies and drink lots of water.

5. Try not to over do it on Christmas day

Yes it is Christmas day but does not mean you should eat like a pig from the minute you get up until you go to bed. Have your yummy Christmas dinner and a drink or two and get back on track the next day. Do not sabatoge all your goals in one day.

6. Pick low calorie drinks

If you are going to drink alcohol, try to pick the lower calorie kind like vodka soda, or white wine spritzer. These drinks are usually around 80 calories compared to an eggnog coctail which is around 335 calories and 16 grams of fat or an irish coffee with whipped cream which is approximately 206 calories and 14 grams of fat. Yuck!

Just remember, enjoy yourself, have fun and stay healthy!