My Workout for February 10th, 2010

Today I had a workout partner from Team Kelowna (Steve) and we had a fun time working out together. It was nice to have a partner, especially getting close to the competition and I have been feeling a little burnt out. We helped motivate each other which is really great. This is what our workout was for today:

Started with 3 sets each of bench press

Alternated with skipping between exercises. While one of us did the exercise, the other skipped while waiting.

Heavy bent over rows, pullups and hanging leg raises back to back 3 sets

Spiderman pushups and hanging inverted rows at the smith machine back to back 3 sets

Straight arm pull down and hanging leg raises back to back 3 sets

Standing cable chest flys and one arm bent over reverse cable fly 3 sets

Finished with upright rows for shoulders and down the rack lateral raises heaviest to lightest, no break. No skipping with shoulders, too burnt out. This took us about 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete. Sometimes we skipped for a really long time!