Want to be a Fitness Model?

Seems like everywhere I turn these days, girls are asking me questions about competing in fitness model. This type of competition is getting so popular and more bodybuilding companies are starting to add fitness or bikini model to their shows.

To be a fitness model, you still need to train hard and eat very clean. It always seems like a great idea to enter a show until all the hard work comes in. I always have people quitting on me as much as the ones that make it on stage. Competing is very hard to prep for and sometimes feels like it takes forever to get to the stage, in turn playing with your mind and emotions. I have seen girls break down and cry, lose it and eat bad food but I have also seen girls have no problems besides dreaming of the next time they can eat some chocolate or a cookie.

One of the weirdest things I have seen and encountered myself is the craving to eat certain junk food you would never eat on a normal day. Like myself, I had cravings for donuts one day. I never eat donuts and still have not eaten one since the craving. When I think about it now, I cannot believe I thought about donuts! Funny :)

The worst thing you can do when prepping for a fitness model show is stressing over your poses and theme wear. You need to practise everyday and wear something that is your style. If you stress about it, things will just seem harder and worse than it is. If you make it seem that way in your head, chances are you will not go through with it or it may not be your suitable category.

What to be a fitness model? I do!