Workout for February 11, 2010

Today I mixed it up a bit with plyometrics and heavy weights for leg day, incorporating some abs in between. Did not have much time so I had a 45 minute workout.

Warm up: Walking lunges 3 minutes

3 sets walking lunges, 8-10 frog jumps & 10 burpees back to back

3 sets leg extension machine 75lbs 8 reps, 8 hanging leg raises, 8 burpees, 8 jump squats

3 sets one legged standing hamstring curl machine 15lbs 10 reps, 30 mountain climbers, 10 burpees

3 sets seated leg press 180lbs 8 reps, 10 jump squats, 10 one leg straight leg deadlifts no weight, touching floor 10 reps each side

3 sets step ups on bench 15lbs, 10 reps each side, 20 knee tucks on bench

3 sets planks with alternating knees