Workout For February 26th

Hey everyone,

Here is my workout for February 26th:

Set #1
Step ups on bench no weight 15 reps on each leg
10 pullups
10 hanging leg raises

Set #2 and 3
Step ups 20 pound dumbbells 10 reps on each leg
6 pullups
8 hanging leg raises

3 sets each back to back no rest:
Seated leg press 180lbs 10 reps
12 jump squats
12 straight legged deadlifts with 80lbs bar

Sets #1 and 2 back to back no rest
Squats at squat rack 12 reps 50lbs
15 pushups
Plank on toes and hands 20 reps knee to elbow

Set #3
Squats 10 reps 70lbs
10 pushups
Plank knee to elbow 20 reps

Cable Chest fly 3 sets 10 reps at 17.5lbs

3 sets back to back no rest:
Flat bench dumbbell press 10 reps 30lbs dumbbells
Knee tucks on bench 20 reps

20 minutes on the treadmill, speed 3.5 incline 4


  1. GO Angelique GO. I have no doubt you will meet your goals. Pretty Awesome. I have been following your tweets on Twitter (I'm GirlfromSocal) and your hard work is impressive. Just wanted to stop and say how inspiring you are and as a big believer in seeing people rewarded for hard work, I think Fame West better look out. :) All the best to you!


  2. thank you! I really appreciate that:)


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