2 weeks final prep

I am officially 2 weeks away from my competition. I decided to try something new this time around: sodium loading and depletion.

The purpose of sodium loading is to trick the body into shuttling out excess sodium. The human body is always trying to pump out excess sodium and when we sodium load, the sodium pumps in our body has to work harder to pump out the extra sodium we are consuming. 3 days before the show I will no longer eat anything with sodium in it and with the water loading that I will be starting on March 20th (5-6 liters per day) my body should continue shedding excess sodium at a fast rate which in turn my body should tighten up and look extra shredded the day of the show!

When I cut my sodium which will be March 25th, I will start taking herbal diuretics like dandelion root which also helps the body get that tight ripped look to it. Both these methods will deplete excess water from between the skin and muscle. I cut my water competely Friday night at 6pm and will have a glass(or two) of red wine to finish drying out my body! That is the fun part :)

I will also be depleting my carbohydrates for 5 days prior to the show. Thursday morning before the show I will look at myself in the mirror and judge to see if I should start to carb load. If my muscles still have that hard full look to them, I will carb load on Friday. If I feel like I need to carb load starting Thursday, I will eat most of my calories as carbs for two days. Carbohydrates fill out your muscles, nothing is worse than having deflated muscles the day of the competition. All your hard work out the window.

Wednesday before the show will be my last workout, nothing strenous because my body will be going through many dramatic changes the final week. I will be doing a circuit of each muscle group 2-3 times and that will be all.

Thursday before my show I will start applying my tanning product called "Protan". Tan in a bottle! My husband has the pleasure of doing this, and has to listen to me yell at him telling him to apply the tan faster(poor guy). We use a kitchen sponge and move quickly applying long streaks starting from my upper body and ending with my legs. 2 coats will be applied Thursday night. I have to make sure I am completely hairless and cannot shower anymore. Friday night when I reach the hotel, I will apply 2 more coats. When I am dry I wear all black from top to bottom to sleep in because if I sweat, this stuff gets everywhere. I do rinse off quickly on Saturday morning to get off the excess protan and apply 1 more coat before the show.

Saturday all day I eat rice cakes with peanut butter or almond butter, topped with honey. The carbs, sugar and fat keeps my muscles full and makes my veins pop. I will also eat dark chocolate. All the yummy stuff you should not be eating while you are dieting! These foods will also keep me bloat free and satisfied long enough so I do not feel starved. Also helps with the energy levels.

Saturday night....cheat meal!! Will definately be time to celebrate but I do not go overboard because a person can get really sick from overdoing it after the show.

Wish me luck! Going for my pro card!


  1. Good Luck girl! That pro card is already yours! Not doubt about it!


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