March 24th, 2010

Yay! The salt loading is finished! I started to get used to it after a while, but I do not know how people can eat that much salt everyday of their lives. Have been water loading for almost a week now and I am up to 7 litres. Lots of trips to the bathroom, not fun. I started my dandelion root tonight to flush out water and salt. I will see on Saturday morning if the salt loading was worth it, my body is supposed to be tighter than ever.

Tomorrow morning I will be doing a posing session with my trainer Sean Hawthorne and also will start to paint my "tan" on tomorrow evening. Will have to do 2 coats tomorrow, 2 coats on Friday and 1 on Saturday morning before the show. I already started packing everything since I am worried about forgetting things, but I always have a list!

Tomorrow evening I will be getting together with Melanie and Brett, who are on Team Kelowna and we are going to help each other with our tans as well. Should be a gong show! I will also prep all of my food to take up with me; chicken, yams, rice cakes, peanut butter, almond butter, honey and dark chocolate! I will be eating mostly carbs on Friday to fill out my muscles and Saturday is when the rice cakes and nut butters with honey come out. Goes straight to the muscles and gives you that "ripped" look. Also dark chocolate helps keep you vascular. All the stuff we are not supposed to eat on our diets come out on Saturday! Also I get to enjoy a glass(or two) of red wine Friday night to finish drying out my body. It really does have a purpose! Also helps me relax...

Cannot wait! Team Kelowna is going to rock on stage :)