Stairs! March 21st

First day of spring! What a great way to celebrate by having an outdoor workout, it was great! I ran the famous Rutland 100 stairs in Kelowna, BC with the Jiu Jitsu boys for their weekly butt kick with me. I am trying to get their cardio up for the Pan Am Championships in a few weeks.

The Rutland stairs are actually 106 steps(we counted yesterday) and they are steep! This is what we did...

1. Slow jog all the way up
2. Walking lunges up the stairs
3. Run
4. Side squats up the stairs changing sides on each flight
5. Run
6. Hopped up the stairs, changing from 2 feet hops to one foot at a time. This one was the hardest, to me anyways.
7. Run
8. Walking lunges
9. Run 2 steps at a time

Did not make it to a 10th round, legs were too shakey. My calves are really sore today. Very challenging but what a great way to workout hard!