5 weeks out for the BCABBA Western Canadians

I am officially 5 weeks out before I compete for the first time in Kelowna. I am very excited to have my friends there to watch me! I am just coasting now which is great, I do not want this to be hard. I went for my body composition yesterday and sitting at 6.6% which made me happy since I took it easy for a bit and ate some extra carbs and fat (and a little red wine) so I could replenish my energy to make it to this show!

I am starting training with Sean Hawthorne in 2 weeks and excited for him to kick my butt. He always seems to push me harder than I thought possible, and I push myself hard! The great thing about training with Sean is that he has been in the bodybuilding industry for many years and he knows what it takes to get your body stage ready. He offers a lot of great tips and advice, and his workouts are crazy! I am looking forward to pushing the "prowler" down the alley and flipping tires bigger than me.

5 weeks to go, then summer time fun!