First Day with Sean

It is about 3 1/2 weeks until I compete in my 2nd show this year. I decided to train with Sean Hawthorne for these last few weeks to get an extra push. This show is in Kelowna and it will be very nice to compete in my town for a change. This show is through the British Columbia Bodybuilding Association and the event is called The Western Canadians. People tend to think that this show will not have too much competition because we are a smaller city, but they are wrong. All the hard physiques come from all over including Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. This is going to be very challenging for me but I am very excited!

Monday April 26th was my first workout with Sean and I am sure I will feel it soon today. The first thing I did was push "The Prowler"down the alley and back 6 times. Sean was kind enough to put 4-45lbs plates for the first set, and stripped of 2 for the rest. Here is a picture for those out there that are unsure what the prowler is....

Now imagine 2-45lbs plates on each peg. My quadriceps get the biggest burn from pushing this thing around. Ouch!

I also did 50 dips all together for chest and triceps. I feel this one already. I busted out 20 reps the first round and between sets I did some reverse crunches on an incline bench. I had to keep going until I reached 50, but I think that we actually did 60 reps by accident but I don't mind.

Sean also got me to do quite a few pull ups with negatives, which means slow on the way down. Having a good back with a nice lat spread is very important for a figure competition. I also did 50 reps of lateral raises, and the last 30 I believe, was no weights and he pushed down on my elbows while I tried to lift them up. This dude is huge and he has really big arms so this is very hard, lol!

More chest with a dumbbell press, and a lot of biceps! My arms! I also like the fact that he made me pose between my pull ups, tightening up all my muscles and holding the poses. That is a workout all on its own.

I wonder what I will be doing on Wednesday? Flipping tires or pulling the prowler with a rope? I guess I will see....