My Guilty Pleasures

It always seems like when I am close to a show, I get cravings. I guess mentally I know it is almost here and can't wait to eat a yummy treat! Funny thing is that all the cravings I get, I actually won't eat most of them. Today I was walking through the grocery store buying my oatmeal and I was looking at some sugary cereal thinking "how yummy would this be?" But I will never buy it after the show is done because I know it is bad for me.

The things I do love to eat once per week is sushi rolls! Spicy tuna rolls with avocado, yum! I can actually eat sushi everyday but I choose not to, but for sure once per week. My favorite place to eat for sushi in Kelowna is Yamato and I love their deluxe spicy tuna rolls. Definitely a guilty pleasure since a regular spicy tuna roll is around 300 calories and around 11 grams of fat.

I also love chocolate and when I am not dieting for a show, I actually eat a square of dark chocolate every morning. I believe in all the health benefits that come with it and really, you will not gain weight from a 50 calorie square of chocolate. You will only gain weight if you eat the whole bar everyday. I am really quite good with will power and moderation. Chocolate, I love you!

Red wine is my biggest weakness, and with the summer coming and all the barbecues and parties, this is the one I really need to watch out for. Wine comes with many great health benefits with one glass, but again if you drink to much, your body will metabolize the alcohol and not the food that you eat along with it. So what happens to the food? You guessed it, right to your ass, thighs and gut. It seems quite senseless to me that we work so hard to look awesome for summer and ruin it all by gaining weight from alcohol.

Trust me, after this next show I will be having wine and chocolate. But let me tell you, I enjoy having a six pack on my abs then in my hand all the time so I am thinking that I choose abs over sugar and fat :)


  1. Tick, Tick and Tick Angelique! I love the tuna and avocado sushi rolls, dark chocolate is definitely the best (although I don't do it that often) and a good glass of red is a weakness of mine too.

  2. Yes, and you definitely have some great wine out there ;)


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