2 Weeks To Go

I have 2 weeks left before I am on stage again this year. I am very excited to compete with the British Columbia Bodybuilding Association. I have continued with my hard training and looking even leaner than my last show which was just this past March.

Figure posing is going well and I am getting a lot of coaching for this show which has been such a big help. I have put so much time and effort with all this dieting and training and it would be a waste to not know how to pose. It is such a huge thing, especially since I have such a small frame. I can actually make myself look bigger with great posing.

I basically have been dieting very strict since December 27th, 2009. I really did not think I would make it to this show but I was so determined to! When there is strict dieting going on, it can really play with a person's mind knowing you should not have that glass of wine or that slice of pizza.

Now I am almost there, and I hope all of this strict dieting and hard training pays off at the end of this long journey!