3 Weeks Out

I am 3 weeks out from the Kelowna show. I am getting excited to compete in my town and not have to travel. I can't believe I am doing another show already this year! I am prepping so much for this show and feeling a little pressured to do my best since everyone I know will be watching this time.

I am very excited to compete in a different organization and to be in a category with people my height is a nice change as well! I heard great things about this organization (BCABBA) and can't wait to experience it.

This will be my 6th show in the last 3 years, and I am still planning on doing 1 more (maybe 2) this year as well. I figure I might as well keep going since I love it so much and have the time and energy to put all of my efforts into this sport.

I am really enjoying learning the proper posing with Sean for figure. I really like how there are mandatory poses and everyone has to do the same thing. My body has come a long way since I started to compete 3 years ago, and I cannot believe the drastic changes that has happened with my body! It is amazing what proper training and eating will do. I have put on quite a bit of muscle, especially in the last year. It will be interesting to see what I look like by next year at this time.

Eventually I will receive my pro card with an organization. Not sure which one, but I guess time will tell.

Come watch me on stage May 22nd at the Kelowna Community Theatre!