Monday's Workout with Sean

Today I felt like I got run over by a truck after my workout with Sean. When I think he cannot possibly push me any harder, he does.

We did "giant"sets today, usually 3 exercises back to back but what made it harder is the fact that he made me do 3 exercises with the same muscle group. For example: dips, bench press and pushups. By the time I got to my 2nd set of pushups I can barely squeeze out 7 reps. My 3rd set I fell down on my belly at 5 reps.

My rest between sets was no rest at all, it was practicing my figure posing which actually really hurts between sets. I had to hold each pose hard while he yelled at me to hold them harder and poking me with his giant finger in my legs, arms and abs.

I wonder what he will make me do on Wednesday? Probably push the prowler around since I haven't done that since last week.

Partner training, get ready Karolina.....


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