Such as Life...

10 days out and I have to leave town to attend to a family emergency. This is really bad timing for me, but I will be there for my family regardless. I have packed my protein powder and all my supplements, as well as some tuna, oatmeal, veggies, chicken and water. I will be leaving town as soon as my husband gets home.

This really puts a lot of stress on me since I do not know when I will be back, but I will be back for registration on Friday the 21st regardless. I have not been dieting since December 27th, 2009 not to go through with this show. For those who are reading this, I did a previous show March 27th this year and decided to continue with my diet to do the show here in Kelowna.

I had a session with Sean this morning and he kicked my butt as usual, thank goodness for him. He had Karolina and I flipping tires and pushing the prowler around (owwww!). I had dirt all over me today, haha!

I will be staying at a hotel with a small gym, so at least I can do some cardio in the morning. I am sure I won't be sleeping that well while I am away. Also there will be a continental breakfast at my hotel which I can at least eat some hard boiled eggs.

What is really going to suck is the fact that I have to start water loading on Saturday. Going to be interesting since I have to go buy jugs of water and may be traveling back while I am chugging away. I was not expecting to have to be driving anywhere at this time, traveling while water loading is so hard! Having to stop at every gas station and every town is not fun.

At least the snow storm has passed in Alberta and seems like spring came just in time for our 6 hour drive......


  1. One more challenge so that in the end you can be even more proud! Good luck, I hope all turns out well.


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