What exactly is real food?

Yesterday I was asked the question "how does it feel to finally eat real food now that your competition is done?" I must have had a puzzled look on my face because everyone was looking at me quite strange. My response was "what exactly is real food according to you?" I received the same puzzled look on this person's face as she stated, "well, you know, not chicken and veggies. You get to eat carbs and stuff now." Again, looking confused, I said "what do you mean? I never stopped eating carbs. What kind of stuff are you talking about? Chips? Cookies? Fries? Fast food? I don't understand".

I started to go off a little stating that I eat the same that I did before the competition, just adding more calories. This person stated "I don't know how you live like that, eating that way. Its not good for you". I decided to end the conversation only after I said "I like the way I look and worked hard to look like this. Just because I am not on my competition diet, does that mean I get to eat like crap from morning to night? Why would I do this to myself? How is that way of eating good for me?"

There was no response to that comment.

What is real food according to most people? Maybe those who are not educated think that McDonald's fries and burgers, frozen dinners and kraft mac and cheese is real food, but I do not see it that way. Real food to me is lean protein, complex carbohydrates, vegetables, fruit and healthy fats. Of course I am not perfect and I like my little treats once per week like chocolate, wine, sushi, pizza to name a few. I only have these foods once per week and move on. These foods to me is a treat for a great workout week, I will enjoy it and go back to my regular way of eating.

Eating this way is not a "diet", it is a lifestyle. As soon as someone is caught eating some chicken and vegetables, they are asked right away if they are on a diet. It is so ridiculous. Your "diet"is the way you eat on a day to day basis. When I ask a client how their diet looks like, I mean what do they eat everyday.

I rather enjoy looking and feeling healthy everyday. When I used to eat like crap all the time, I felt like crap all the time. I started gaining weight, breaking out, feeling lethargic, feeling sick, and got stomach cramps all the time. I rarely feel this way anymore.

So yes, if you think I am not eating normal, then I guess I am not. I will sit here and eat my chicken and vegetables while you eat your McDonalds. I will sit here laughing while my abs flex and I will watch your stomach jiggle when you laugh back at me.


  1. Nice post. It's difficult for people to view eating well as anything else but dieting (to reduce weight), as though eating nutritious food daily were something odd. But it's very much symptomatic of the terrible condition we find ourselves in with our Western diet in the Americas. Keep spreading the word. Cheers.

  2. GREAT POST! I get that alot from people too when I am eating clean or eating due to my allergies. It's hard when I go out socializing cause I won't drink or eat out, and people then ask 1000 questions...and then judge me cause i choose to eat healthy? Oh 'common! LOL.

  3. Great post! Real food is not junk food ....that is the farthest thing from real food!! After a show, more variety is typical, but the same staples are always there.

  4. Ironically your diet prob contains more REAL FOOD than the person commenting. It cracks me up that most people consider Fast Frankenfood more real than grilled chicken and steamed veggies!

  5. Wow! I loved this and needed to read this a few days after WBFF! Time to get back to the clean foods :) Thank you!


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