100% Natural Baby!!

I heard one of the funniest rumors about me from a friend this past weekend. Apparently there is or was a rumor going around that I am on steroids. Really? I was not mad, I just think it is freaking hilarious!

I find it so funny how people think that it is not possible for a person to look ripped and lean without the help of some drugs. Also what is funny, if they knew me, they would know I promote a drug free existance. I do not believe in drugs to make me a better person and I definitely do not believe in drugs to build my muscles. How do I look this way? Only 2 reasons....and here they are....

1. I work out damn hard!!
2. I eat clean and every 2 hours!!

That is it! No drugs, no fat burners, just clean and hard work. Some of you out there may be thinking "really?" Yes "really". I do not believe in fat burners, have taken my share of them and just felt sick and jittery after. I never got as good of results until I started putting on more muscle and leaving junk food and alcohol out of my body. Of course those of you out there that read my blogs know that I believe in 1 cheat meal per week and I still do that to satisfy my cravings, but that is just 1 per week not 5.

I have a very small frame, and it took years to build the muscle I have. It was very hard and I have been told that I will never be a figure competitor. Well, here I am! My last 2 figure shows placed 2nd and 4th and I owe it all to lifting heavy weights.

People who know me well also know that I am firmly against drugs, all types. I have seen bad things happen to people I cared about with drug use, and I am not interested in going down that road. I rather enjoy a glass of red wine on a patio somewhere then put harmful substances that will ruin my body or cause cancer in the future.

So like I said, 100% natural! I have worked hard to look like this and I am proud of myself and my discipline, hard work and dedication. Come find me if you want training, listen to me and get the results you want. Eat crap food, then you will get fat. Simple as that.