Summer Time!

Summer is here finally and my favorite season for sure! I love the sun, beach, pool, barbeques, get togethers, and all that other fun stuff that comes along with the season. Unfortunately summer seems like the time of year that people tend to gain weight with all of the parties and get togethers. This year I am promising myself that I will keep it to a minimum since I want to remain looking great by the pool!

Here are some summer tips to keep that swimsuit body and still enjoy barbeques with your friends!

1. Limit yourself to 2 drinks per week and keep it plain. Myself I like to drink red wine, and I enjoy sipping it. Sometimes I can sip it for 1 hour! That is 1 hour of drinking 1 glass without everyone harassing you to have more. As long as people see you with a drink in your hand, they should leave you alone. Avoid the sugary drinks like margaritas or pina coladas.

2. Choose your food wisely. I always will bring chicken breast with me to a barbeque and cook it plain or with spices. I avoid all of the sauces that people dump all over their food. I will also stick to salads and veggies. I will not even look at the deserts or I will eat it since I have a major sweet tooth. Just keep socializing if you are wanting to pick and politely say no when someone walks around with that dessert tray.

3. Drink lots of water! Not only is it important to stay hydrated during the summer months, always keep some sort of drink in your hand to keep it occupied at parties. When the rest of your friends are getting a little tipsy, they won't notice if you have a tall drink with ice cubes and a lemon wedge. Some people will assume there is vodka in there, lol!

4. Keep your workout routine going throughout the summer. Most people will workout less or even stop working out during the summer months so they can enjoy the weather. If this is you, keep your workouts outside. Go for walks, hikes, bike rides, runs or join an outdoor boot camp!

So these are 4 simple steps to add to your summer months to keep you slim and trim at the beach and pool. Don't waste all of your time and effort in the gym with fatty foods and sugary drinks. Keep yourself fit and healthy and you will feel better about it when you are in your bikini.