Boot Camp, why its so good

Everyone gets into a slump at the gym, whether its boredom, no motivation or if you hit a plateau. It is very important to change up your fitness routine from time to time to get out of that slump, reach your goals and to get fitter and stronger.

Frog Jumps on the Green Way at Mission Creek, great for lower body!

Boot Camp training is everywhere these days, indoors and out. Most people get intimidated with the words "Boot Camp" because they associate it with "pain" and "suffering". Even though boot camp training is hard(not going to lie to you) but it has so many benefits that individuals out there do not consider.

Group classes are a great way to motivate yourself. In a group setting, people can push themselves harder than they are used to and be surprised when they accomplish something that once thought was impossible. For instance, at the gym perhaps you will only do 5 pushups on your knees when at boot camp you will do 12 with no breaks in between.

Alot of people have been doing the same routine, maybe for months or even years! Boot camp training is a great way to learn new exercises, plus to be pushed harder than normal. This is great because a lot of avid gym members need a different approach to exercise rather than doing the same routine day in and day out.

Want to lose weight? Boot camp training will definitely help in that area. I have had girls in my group that lost inches and pounds even though their diets are not that great. Of course I always push clean eating, but sometimes I am speechless when I know that one of my boot camp girls are cheating too much and still losing weight. Just keep in mind, this is not a good reason to keep eating crappy food when you do go to boot camp! Crappy food will eventually make a person hit a plateau.

Boot Camp in the summer is awesome! Not only do you get to enjoy the weather, but you get to train outdoors instead of being stuck in a sweaty building. I love doing lunges and pushups when it is so nice and warm outside!

Keep active in the summer with boot camp. I have heard so many people say that they "take a break" in the summer from the gym. Really makes no sense to me to kill yourself in the gym to look good during summer, then waste it all by eating crappy, drinking alcohol and not working out. There really is no good reason to stop training.

Look hot in your swimsuit! Isn't that what everyone wants? Get that 1 hour of physical fitness out of the way and enjoy the rest of the day! It\s only 1 hour, everyone has time for this at least 3-4 times per week.

Bust out of your plateau! Everyone hits a plateau, and boot camp will definitely push you out of it. Not too many people train like that in the gym and as soon as you do a different kind of activity, your body will respond to it.

I have enough reasons to consider joining boot camp, now what are you waiting for?

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