August 8 Work Out

I had another great work out today. Was feeling a little blah again, maybe it is because summer seems like it wants to go away already. I hit the gym early today and so glad that I already had my work out for the day!

5-8 wide grip unassisted pull ups
100x skip
10 decline pushups(feet up on bench)
100x skip
10 hanging leg raises
100x skip
10 burpees
100x skip
12 bent over rows with 2 25lbs plates

Did this 3x only taking breaks at the end of the list

Wide grip pull downs
75lbs 8-10 reps super setting with straight arm pull downs with 60lbs, 8-10 reps

Squats at the squat rack
1st set started with 50lbs, 15 reps
2nd set 70lbs, 12 reps
3rd set 90lbs, 10 reps

Standing one legged hamstring curls
3 sets back to back 15lbs, 10 reps

Seated leg press
3 sets 270lbs 10 reps

Decided to hit a little of everything today, by the time I was done I was burnt out and really needed some food. Felt awesome though!