New Blog: Inspirational People in Fitness

I recently started another blog about inspirational people in the fitness industry. I am interviewing people who have gone through major hardships and heartbreak in their lives, only to come battling back at the terrible things that happened with fitness.

These people have gone through major depression, cancer, obesity and assault. These strong men and women decided that enough was enough and came back stronger and fitter than ever before.

The reason I started this blog is to help others see that life is not over when something tragic happens and not to give up. I have seen enough bad things these last few years and I want to help those out there who are fighting cancer, obesity or other terrible things that life throws at us.

We all need to learn to fight back and get healthy by changing our eating habits and adding fitness in our lives. We all need to make a change, if not for yourselves then for those around you who love you. No one wants to be a single mom or dad and children should not go through losing their parents to a heart attack or depression.

This world is becoming more and more obese and there are more cases of cancer than ever before. A lot of this is self-induced due to all the "convenience" out there like fast food, packaged foods and huge portions sizes. These all have hidden sugars and fats that are toxic to our bodies that lead to obesity, cancer and depression.

Sometimes these terrible things that happen are just in the cards and we can not control it, but does not mean that life is over. We need to fight back and get our bodies strong with clean eating and exercising. Fitness should be introduced gradually and eventually our bodies will get stronger and healthier, it is just getting past that "I can't do it" stage.

I hope my blog helps those out there that think there is no more hope, even if it only helps a few I have done my job.