Pool Side Workout

Today I took my workout outside by the condo pool at my place. I am sure I surprised a few people because they are not used to seeing someone working out beside the pool, lol! I didn't have the motivation to drive all the way to the gym so I decided to do a quick full body workout. All I used was 10 pound dumbbells and one of the benches out near the pool.

40 walking lunges
15 squats with shoulder press
20 cross over lunges with bicep curls
50 mountain climbers
15 pushups
30 alternating step ups
30 alternating reverse lunges
15 plank rows with burpee/shoulder press combo

I went down this list with a 1 minute break when I was done. I did this 3 times. I forgot to time myself but I do not think it took more than 25 minutes. It was fast and hard and I felt great afterwards :)