To Cheat or not to Cheat(with food of course)

What is a cheat meal? To me a cheat is once per week with your favorite high caloric meal that is worth the high fat and high carbs. I like to cheat with sushi, pizza, quesadillas and nacho chips, wine and a chocolatey dessert. Of course not all at once, too much food!

Last night I had a cheat meal with a spicy tuna roll(290 calories, 11grams fat), vegetable roll(150 calories, 6grams fat), one glass of red wine(120 calories) and some ice cream(dont want to know calories) that I only ate half of the ice cream because it was not that great and not worth the calories to me. Besides the ice cream, I was quite satisfied and will be good without a cheat meal until the following weekend. The weekend before I did have quesadillas and nacho chips since we went out for Mexican food, one of my faves!

I only believe in one cheat meal, not a "cheat day". A cheat meal itself can be up to 2000 calories depending on what you chose. So to have a cheat day would be too high in calories and not worth destroying all the hours and hard work you put in at the gym all week. I know some people who have had a "cheat day" and ate up to 10,000 calories! To put on 1 pound of fat, you need to eat 3500 calories, so if you decide to have an all out cheat day and eat the highest caloric food out there all day long, you could put on 3 pounds over night. No thank you!

Just be smart about your choices. Pick something that you enjoy and you feel like it is worth the calories. Sushi to me is worth the high fat and carbs. I know some of you out there probably think that sushi is not a cheat, but to me it is. Usually I am hungry after 1 hour of eating sushi rolls because the white rice spikes your insulin levels making you hungry fast, and not to mention all the mayo they put in the rolls. If you add up my calories in one cheat without the ice cream since I do not know what the calories were in them, I ate in one sitting 560 calories, 17 grams of fat and 54 grams of carbohydrates. I am sure that even though I did not eat all the ice cream, I still ate around 500 calories worth. So that is around 1000 calories, not including everything else I ate in the day.

This is how fast calories add up, especially if you have a cheat meal. Be smart, make a good choice and treat yourself once per week. You will not destroy your weight loss goals by doing this once per week, but you definitely will if you decide to eat like this daily. Have your treat and move on, workout hard and treat yourself again the following week when you feel like you truly deserve it!


  1. Love the cheat - it keeps you on track and helps your results!


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