At Home Work Out

I have been battling an ongoing injury since my early 20's. I am pretty sure I have a pinched nerve in my upper back area that will come and go as it pleases. I was told by doctors that this will probably bother me for the rest of my life(lucky me). The good thing is that since I started working out 10 years ago, this injury does not last as long as it used to and I can actually walk around instead of being laid out for 3 days like in the past.

Today I attempted a work out at home to see how I can manage. I felt a lot better afterwards because I felt like my muscles were warm and loosened up. This work out took me 30 minutes of random exercises that popped in my head. I decided to do 50 reps of each exercise:

Squats with alternating knee to elbow side crunch
Split Squat 25 each leg, foot on coffee table
Mountain Climbers
Plank with alternating arm rows(no weight)
Jump Squats
Side to side ankle reach on floor
V-sit with knee tucks
Plank-pushups 25 each arm
Forward-reverse lunges 50 each leg

Try it and let me know how it goes :)