Motivating or Discouraging?

Today I was training a client who happened to see my famous "bathroom abs shot" picture that I posted on facebook. I asked her what she thought and she actually had the opposite reaction that I was looking for. She said she felt like it was unfair and that she would never look this way and felt bad. I was a bit shocked because I never thought of it this way before since I post these pictures on my fan page with the intention to give others motivation.

I thought about this more and was wondering how many people actually feel this way when they see pictures like this. Are they motivated or are they just discouraged?

Let me tell you more about my "past life" as I like to call it. Some of you who follow my fan page and my blog know a bit about me, but most people out there do not. I used to be the poster child for unhealthy living, and I really am not exaggerating. Everyone sees me as I am today, a healthy and fit woman who preaches fitness and healthy eating. The way I am today came over time when I realized how unhealthy I used to be.

I was not too active as a child, rode my bike around and ran around outside playing with my cats and dogs. As a teenager, I hated gym class and dropped out as soon as I reached the 10th grade. I felt uncomfortable in front of the guys and shy so in turn did not want to try. I disliked every sport but ironically enough the only time I enjoyed gym class was when we spent 1 week with weight training, but that did not last long so I was miserable as soon as we did something else.

As a young adult in my 20's, I started up with martial arts and really enjoyed it, but that was only 2 days per week and I did not do anything else active beyond that. My eating habits were terrible and I made awful choices that disgust me when I think about it today. I used to eat Mint Oreo Blizzards for breakfast! My other food choices were bread, Kraft dinner, chicken wings, chips, nachos, pizza, fries, sugary cereal...the list goes on and on. Basically nothing healthy or nutritious.

The unhealthiest time of my life was when I moved to Edmonton, Alberta with a boyfriend. I really did not enjoy living there, so cold and dreary and snowed 8 months out of the year. Edmonton is known as a party town, so that is what I did all the time. Going out to the bars and clubs became a ritual 2-3 times per week and this is the point in my life that I started packing on weight from too much alcohol and when you drink, you make bad food choices as well.

My self-realization came one day in the famous "yellow bikini" I have talked about in the past. I saw this picture of me in this bikini holding a can of beer and realized how awful I looked. I remember saying "is this what I really look like?" I was shocked! Love handles and a beer gut, no joke! It was right then and there that I decided that I needed to change.

I started buying magazines like Shape, Fitness and Oxygen. These women really motivated me, especially in Oxygen Magazine. I learned a lot about clean eating, got a gym membership and the rest is history. This was 10 years ago.

I am not perfect and I want people to realize this. I still like my wine, chocolate, pizza and ice cream, but I have these once per week and that is it. I do not binge, I pick a meal like lunch or dinner and I have my treat, enjoy it and I move on back to clean eating. I work out 5-6 times per week and I stay dedicated and motivated. I used people like Monica Brant, Jaime Eason, Kim Dolan Leto and Jennifer Hendershott as my motivation back in the day(and still are). Their bodies were and still are amazing and I wanted to be like this and never quit. It was a struggle but I kept on going.

So next time you see a picture like my "abs shot" think about the person behind it. They may have great genetics or they may be like me, working hard and changing their lifestyle to be healthy, happy and strong. Use it as motivation and do not get discouraged. Everyone has a success story and this is mine.


  1. I am sorry she had a negative reaction! I find it very motivating when I see fit women like you! Maybe you should show your before and after pics when trying to motivate clients. I always feel even more motivated when I see the before and after next to each other!
    I'm so proud of you for doing it and coming a long way!

  2. thanks B! It is ok that she had an opposite reaction, like I said, I never really thought about it this way before and to show pictures like this may actually upset others. It's ok though!


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