10 Days To Go!

I am 10 days away from the stage yet again. I will be carb depleting and water loading starting on Sunday and only have 6 workouts left. The last few weeks I increased my cardio to try to lean out as much as possible. Starting on Monday, I will only be participating in my classes which will be hard enough (I am not called Princess of Pain for nothing) and Wednesday will only be doing a 1/2 hour upper body pump up. With the water loading and carb depleting, workouts feel tough and you do not want to push the body more than you have to.

I just found out that the show has close to 150 competitors, wow! So this competition is quite large, and I am sure most are figure and bikini. I can't wait to sit back stage with my rice cakes, peanut butter and honey! YUMMY!!

My Favorite Peanut Butter!

The count down until my teriyaki chicken, mashed potato and apple crumble dinner at the Keg is on!