4th Place at The Sandra Wickham Fall Classic!

I placed 4th this past weekend at my figure competition. At first I was a little bummed not qualifying for BC Provincials since I need top 3, but I realized that this is a good placing, especially for me! I am quite small compared to the girls that were in my category, and I know what I need to improve on for next year.

I first need to practise my posing much, much more! You can have a great physique, but if your posing is off then that could be a difference from 4th place to 3rd place. I felt as if my posing was a little off this time around, and it could be that I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before which is totally my fault. Also I realized that 4 shows in one year is way too much. I need to let my body recuperate and build and I have not allowed myself to do this.

I need to put on more mass in my back and my shoulders and this is going to take so much work. These areas have definitely improved this past year, but I need more if I want to take my competitions to the next level. I am a very petite person and this is going to take a lot of work from me, and I am definitely willing to work hard.

Next year, I have decided if I place top 3 in Kelowna, I should wait until 2012 for BC Provincials. If I do not place top 3 in Kelowna, I will take another shot at the Sandra Wickham for top 3.



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