'Tis the Season to Be Jolly......

Christmas is around the corner and already people are having their Christmas parties. Fun get togethers, yummy food and drinks like eggnog and rum. Good times and great memories, but what about our waist lines? Just because we need to celebrate, does not mean we need a jolly Santa belly as well.

Most of us are guilty of over-indulgence at this time of year, myself included. It is very hard to control what you eat at times because the temptation is overwhelming! We all need to remind ourselves that stuffing our faces and not the stocking is not worth it, especially when January rolls around and having to start the New Year 10 pounds heavier.

If you know that an event is around the corner, make a game plan for when the day arrives. Eat something fiber and protein rich before leaving so you are not starving when you arrive. Also make smart decisions, yes you can have a cookie or a chocolate, but have one and not four. Fill your plate with fruit and veggies so if you feel the need to pick, at least you have healthy options. I do not believe in depriving yourself, but I definitely do not believe in over-indulging. Have a little treat and move on, you don't need the rest. This will work on your will power and you will learn self control as well. One day you will realize that not pigging out or not having that extra treat was not a big deal.

Control what you are drinking as well. If you chose to drink an alcoholic beverage, choose something that will take time to drink, like a glass of red wine or a spiked coffee and avoid the shots or the drinks that take 2 seconds to slam back. Especially avoid the egg nog drinks since one rum and egg nog is about 290 calories and full of sugar.

Just make smart choices and choose wisely. Have a great Holiday Season and let's make sure Santa carries that big belly around and not you!