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Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Workout

Just because it is Christmas time, does not mean you should slack on your workouts! I did not drive to the gym today because apparently this morning at 8am the roads were like a sheet of ice, and I did not feel like testing my driving skills half asleep. So this is what I did this morning at home:

Stationary Lunges 25 reps each leg
Pull Ups 6 reps
50 Star Jumps: start in squat, jump up like a jumping jack but with both feet off floor. Land in squat
Back to back 3 sets

                               How am I supposed to work out with this little dude in the way??

Side to Side Push ups: did 30 reps on toes. Start with hands together and walk side to side with hands.
Pull Ups 6 reps
50 Skater Jumps
Back to back 3 sets

Squat/lateral raise combo with 10lbs dumbbells, 15 reps
Reptile: hold plank position on hands and toes, bring knee up to elbow and alternate sides
Pull Ups 6 reps
Back to back 3 sets

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