New Years Goals

Everyone talks about New Years Resolutions like losing weight or quitting smoking, and they are always short term. Most people do not even stick to their resolutions. What about goals? I have a few goals for 2011, some may be a little crazy, but I usually get my goals finished sooner or later. I am never one to say that I will do something and not go through with it. So hopefully I can accomplish my goals by the end of 2011!

These goals are not in any particular order...

1. Learn something new, fitness related
2. Get back into martial arts
3. Look better than ever at my next competition
4. Do something big in the fitness industry(not sure what yet)
5. Go rock climbing
6. Sky dive in Vegas!
7. Keep in better contact with old friends
8. Go visit family in Montreal
9. Become a better athlete all around
10. Enjoy more outdoor activities this summer
11. Vacation in a new place
12. Learn more spanish(besides "cervesa por favor" and "no gracias")
13. Donate to the SPCA throughout the year
14. Be more organized!

I am sure there is more, but I think this list is pretty long. What is on your list?


  1. Hi Ang,

    I think you will achieve all your goals as they are very realistic.

    I have a suggestion for your goal #4. I have always wanted to do this but I am not full time in the fitness industry one person who is seriously over weight (like heath dangerous, they need to loose weight or else) show them and help them get back into a heathy way of life and shed tones of weight. In my eyes that's pretty huge. Not only are you giving the gift of extending someone's life but also educating them what you know and helping them to be on their way by themselves. A lot of people are intimidated to walk into a gym, especially the ones who really do need it. Taking them by the hand and walking with them into a gym would be a huge gift.

    #14...I can help you with and teach you some tricks as I'm super organized :)

    My goals for 2011 are:
    1-Get shredded and lose 10lbs.
    2-Acquire more real estate.
    3-Travel to an exotic destination once a year - Dubai is on my list.

    Happy New Year hun...see you next year


  2. Rock climbing has been the BEST workout for my back out of any traditional and non-traditional work I've done. I was sore fore like 4 can't lift my arms over my head sore. UNREAL!

  3. Nice Aimee, can't wait to try it!
    I have already done that Ariane. I helped someone lose over 50lbs last year. I will continue doing this for anyone who wants the help. I need to do something huge this year!

  4. Oh, and I do need help with organization! lol


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