Food is Fuel

I have many conversations throughout the day with my clients at the gym, mostly about food. We talk about healthy food and unhealthy food, and what we like to eat and what we love to indulge with. Its funny how most people think of food as the love of their life, which is one of the reasons why we over-indulge or have slip ups in our weight loss goals.

Healthy Millet Oatmeal Cookies

Took me 6 competitions to realize that food is fuel, and the silly cravings that I get are exactly that, silly. I eat to fuel my body, and not for pleasure. If I ate for pleasure, I would not be eating chicken and veggies, I would be eating chocolate cake and ice cream. But I know that if I ate this way, not only would I get sugar cravings which will sabotage my goals, I would be sad and depressed from eating so badly, which is what sugar does to me after a while. We all get weird cravings and we let food mess with our heads and our emotions, which causes binge eating and weight gain. People tend to have a weird affair with certain food, and if those foods are not around, we think we are sad and upset and we get emotional and crazy.

We need to get past this love affair with food and realize that healthy food is not boring and can taste really great, when you put the effort into it. I eat muffins, cookies and pancakes, which I have learned to substitute ingredients and make these foods healthy and delicious! I also make baked chicken strips with baked yam fries, chili, turkey burgers, and the list goes on and on. When you put your mind into it, you can make almost anything into a healthy version and save yourself lots of fat and calories!

Coconut Chocolate Protein Bars

I have learned over the years to love healthy and delicious food, and I have also learned that I actually enjoy cooking, which is a big deal for me because I never used to like to cook, and I would eat egg whites and oatmeal all day long to avoid it cooking. Now I enjoy many types of foods and I do not eat out very often, which saves me money and keeps me healthy.

Turkey Pumpkin Chili
So put some effort in your foods, make them healthy and delicious and fuel your body the right way. Eventually you will learn that you won't miss having your "affair" foods, and you will appreciate your "fuel" foods so much more, especially when you get leaner, stronger and feel more energized and healthy!