Fame West 2011 ~Jen Klimek

I went to Fame West last night to support my client Jen Klimek who I had been training since October for this show. It was weird not being on stage, and this was where it all started for me back in 2008.

After all the hard work, Jen looked amazing and transformed her body completely! She went from a cardio queen to pushing heavy weight in the gym, putting on good muscle on her small frame. Good job Jenny!

Jen before Fame West

She was the perfect person to work with, soaking in every detail and putting all her time and effort in the gym with her training and her diet no matter how hard it got or how much she craved other foods. She never complained once to me and just did exactly what I told her to do with a very relaxed attitude about the whole experience. She seemed a little shy to me at first, but sure shined up there on stage with confidence, attitude and looking just as sexy and fit as the other girls. She definitely deserved to be up on stage, and I see a great future in the competition world for Jen if she decides to continue. Congratulations girl!

Jen March 26th 2011