Angelique Vs. Food

This blog is inspired by "Man Vs. Food", except its "Angelique Vs. Food". Fighting unhealthy food!

This blog is also inspired by the famous "Pizza Bomb" or "Heart Attack in a Box" picture that I posted on my fan page last night. I can not believe the crazyness of food these days that are contributing to the obesity epidemic that is going on right now. The sad thing is that people either don't care, not educated or just plain lazy. This needs to stop! People need to take control of their lives and stop killing themselves with food!

Pizza Bomb

A facebook friend named Igor posted this picture first, so I wanted to share it on my fan page. I have not seen it yet, but I need to see it for myself. Igor posted something quite amusing, but very blunt and to the point. He had a brief discussion with a man in the grocery store about this pizza dinner, and it went like this:

Igor: One guy stopped behind me as I snapped this photo

Man in store:  "Wow! Isn't that a great deal? Two for the price of one!"

Igor: I turned to him, and said: "Sir, I like your logic. Two bullet holes to the head, for the price of one ... that's a ...great deal too!"

He just stopped for a moment, with a blank stare, and then quickly walked away.

This man probably thought that Igor was crazy, but Igor is right. This is not a good deal and should not be served at the dinner table to your kids. What is the world doing to themselves? Does the government care? No they don't or they wouldn't allow this kind of food to be sold.

1 slice of the supreme pizza is 360 calories, 17 grams of fat, 840mg of sodium. 1 cookie, 90 calories, 4.5 grams of fat, 80mg of sodium. Who only has one slice of pizza and one cookie?

Deep Fried Cheese Burger

Next is the deep fried burger I just found. Does this even look appealing? Yuck

Deep Fried Butter

How about deep fried butter on a stick? Wow, I feel my heart clogging just looking at this picture.

Fried Cheese Melt

How about Denny's fried cheese melt? I didn't even know this existed. But I maybe go to Denny's once every two years.....basically deep fried cheese sticks made into a grilled cheese sandwich with more cheese. Just in the sandwich alone is 1400 calories, then you eat the fries and have a drink on top of that.

Krispy Creme Burger

How about the famous Krispy Kreme Burger that made the big headlines last year? How many calories is this again? Oh yes, 1500 calories. That is what I eat in a day!

Lasagna sandwich? Who the heck comes up with this stuff?? Blah!

Man Vs. Food

How about this sandwich? This is from Man Vs. Food. What is this called anyways? Probably the "Diabetes Heart Clogger".

We need to stop this crazy madness of unhealthy eating. People are having heart attacks and dying at a younger age these days. Children should not be on high blood pressure medication. 10 year olds should not weigh more than me. Parents need to start cooking whole, healthy foods at home and give their children good habits so the next generation is not worse than this generation.

Now this looks like a healthy dinner!

Or this! Looks so good, chicken and yams!

Eat well and take care of yourself and your family