Good Morning Workout 2: Gym Boss

I decided to do a workout first thing again at home instead of the gym, since I feel like I live there already! I used the gym boss today at home, did 30 rounds of exercises with 30 second intervals and 10 seconds rest. This is what I did:

Warm up: alternating lunges 20x and squats 20x

Round 1, 3 sets

Jump Squats
Push ups
Skater Jumps

Round 2, 3 sets

Jumping Jacks
Power Lunges

Round 3, 3 sets

High Knee run on the spot
Squat Jumps with heel kicks(squat down, jump up clicking heels together)
Triceps Dips(used coffee table)

Round 4, 3 sets

High Knee run on spot 30 seconds
Mountain Climbers 10 seconds
Did this sequence 3 times using the 10 seconds for mountain climbers

This took about 20 minutes with no breaks


  1. Sending you a blog award Angelique!


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