Good Morning Workout

I wanted to do a workout right away but not drive all the way to the gym to do it, so I did my first workout of the day as soon as I rolled out of bed.

I did 20 reps of each exercise in this order with no breaks, and went through them 3 times. I am not sure how long it took since I was still half asleep(lol), but it probably only took 15 minutes.

-alternating lunges
-jump squats
-jumping jacks
-mountain climbers
-dips on coffee table
-split squat using coffee table

This woke me up, broke a quick sweat, now I get to eat breakfast! Will be hitting the gym later ;)


  1. Love this Angelique! Thanks for posting. Very similar to my workouts.

  2. AWESOME................LOVE IT....

  3. Very inspirational! Me, I am lucky to get my butt up and moving let alone doing all that getting out of bed. Great job!


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