A Woman's Workout Guide for Lean Muscle

More and more women these days want to build lean muscle on their bodies. Not only putting on muscle improves the way we look, muscle increases our metabolism, increases our general health and makes us strong.

There are so many great reasons to lift weights, and I can go on and on about it. In the past 11 years that I have been lift heavy weights, the transformation in my body and metabolism has been amazing.

If you are stuck about what to do in the gym, here is a great routine to get you started:

Monday: Back/Shoulders/Biceps
Tuesday: Chest/Triceps/Core
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: off or cardio
Friday: Upper body
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: off

I am a firm believer of working out 1 muscle group 2x per week to achieve great results, and with this split you will have enough time to let your muscles recuperate before the next time you train them again. Cardio can be done everyday, but unless you are trying to lose weight, I wouldn't do it more than 3-4x per week so the focus can be putting on more muscle. I also recommend HIIT(high intensity interval training) on days that you want to do fast cardio before your weight training.

On your weight training days, your weight should be heavy enough to only perform 6-8 reps of each exercise. This is the best way to put on muscle fast, including a high protein diet for muscle growth and repair.

Here are some exercises I recommend to start with:


Assisted pull up machine
Seated Lat pull down
One arm dumbbell row
Standing cable row
Standing reverse dumbbell fly
Dumbbell lateral raises
Dumbbell shoulder press
Dumbbell bicep curls

One Arm Dumbbell Row
Seated Lat Pull Down

Push ups
Dumbbell chest press
Standing cable chest fly
Triceps rope press down
Bench dips
Plank on ball
Dumbbell Chest Press


Stationary lunge
Bench step ups
Dumbbell squat
Straight legged dead lift
Hamstring ball curl in

Ball Hamstring Curl In
Step Up

This is a good start, especially if you have been lifting light weights for a while. If you have never lifted weights at all, I recommend starting with 3x per week full body routines, picking 1-2 exercises from each column for each muscle group.

Have fun working out!

Exercise pictures by Shapefit.com


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