Workout for May 15

Today I was fitting in my workout between a meeting at the gym and a posing session with my girls that are competing at the Western Canadians in Kelowna May 21st. They all look so great!

I only had 45 minutes so I wanted to make it as tough as possible. Using my gym boss I set the intervals at 30 seconds with a 10 second rest, doing 4 rounds of 3 different exercises with water breaks when the 4 rounds were over. This is what I did:

1st Round:

Box Jumps (6 risers high for the step)
Over the Bench Pushups

2nd Round:

Straddle Box Jumps (here is the youtube video, very first exercise
Cable Alternating Rows, 20lbs moving arms fast

3rd Round:

Sumo Squat and Lateral Raises with 12.5lbs
Power Lunges

I ended with some core exercises, like the ball plank and I was done!


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