Positive Focus on Weight Loss

It is very common for people to focus on the negatives that come up instead of on the positives when it comes to weight loss. For example, you may beat yourself up for the fact that you splurged a little too much last night with your friends at the restaurant, but you ignore the fact that you had 5 days of great workouts and healthy eating before that.

You may focus on the fact that the scale didn’t go down at all this week, and not focus on the fact that you lost 8 pounds over the last month. You get caught up on what isn’t working well right now, rather than celebrating the fact that you changed your lifestyle to become fitter and healthier.

Maybe it’s your personality to look at things with a negative attitude. Maybe you’re just frustrated and impatient because you’re not getting the results you want overnight.

When you keep focusing on the negative your frustration builds up until you just give up and quit. You get to the point where you tell yourself  "this is useless, I give up". Then you go out and eat a cheeseburger and fries. Then you feel even worse then before.

Weight loss should be looked at long term. Think about it, it took years to put on the weight, you can't expect it to come off in 2 weeks. Patience and persistence are key. Weight loss is hard work, and you have to put 100% effort and focus. Yes there will be slip ups and days that are not as good as others, but that is life and you will have to deal with the hard days when they come up. A longer, slower approach to weight loss that actually gets you to your happy, ideal weight is a thousands times better than starting and stopping over and over again for years to come.

Be proud of yourself for the “small wins”: 10 minutes extra cardio, passing on dessert, a half-pound lost in a week. This is critical because it’s really important to allow yourself to get into a genuine, positive state of mind and being proud of even a small accomplishment does this. It can shift your mood from negative to positive.

Always focus on the positive. Learn to turn the negative thoughts in your head in to positive thoughts, and you will be successful with your weight loss. Your goals can be achieved as long as you approach them the right way.


  1. I like this post of yours. I also learned this over the past 10 months. It took me 10 months to shed 34kgs (74lbs) and not 2 weeks. You are so right in saying that one need to learn to look at weight loss over a long period. Wish more people can see it this way.

  2. I completely agree with you and the scale...its my frenemy lol. I need to look at what I have accomplished and where I am now....not at the numbers!


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