Think Before You Eat

You train hard everyday, sometimes twice per day you are doing some sort of physical activity either in the gym or outside. You love exercise and the feeling you get when you do. But there is one thing that you are not understanding...

"Why am I not losing weight?"

Are you thinking before you eat? Do you go home after a hard workout and eat 2 cups of white noodles loaded with cheese and sauce with your chicken? Or you do realize you are eating a big bag of chips but you figure "I just worked out for 2 hours, I can eat this!".

Too much noodles and cheese!
 Stop and think for a minute before you eat your next meal. Is there too much food on your plate? Is it the right foods you are about to eat? Are you always eating junk food after your workouts?

This is not a good post workout snack!
 If you think you are doing everything possible with your workouts to lose weight, then you have to think of your food. You are probably eating too much or simply making the wrong choices and using the excuse that you "just worked out". THIS IS NOT AN EXCUSE.

So healthy!
Think next time you are about to eat. Cut back on processed carbohydrates and fill up on more greens or fruits. Make wiser decisions and you will start losing that weight!

Great source of protein and healthy fats


  1. Straight to the point of why some people don't lose the weight and true what you say also.

  2. This is what everyone needs on their refrigerator that has a weight problem. I am printing it out now! Straight to the point, great post!

  3. Thank you! Sometimes straight to the point is what we all need!


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