What IS Socially Acceptable?

I had a few conversations in the last few days about social gatherings revolved around food and beverage. It seems like people think you are weird if you are not eating bad food or drinking alcohol. I believe in moderation and being choosy, and for me eating a big plate of chips with dip is not high on my list of food to eat.

If there are prawns, or chicken and some fruits and vegetables, I am going to reach for these foods first. Personally I rather eat real food, and chips with dip is not real food. Not only do I feel guilty, I feel sick to my stomach if I eat too many processed, fake foods.

Its not even the food that people are funny about, its the alcohol. If I do not have a drink in my hand I get asked so many stupid questions. Good thing is the people who do know me will ask if I am doing another competition.

My question is....

Since when do I have to feel like I need a drink in my hand to be socially accepted?

Lately I feel as if I should be feeling bad for my personal choices of staying healthy and fit. Even though I feel this way, I actually don't feel bad for my choices. I rather live a longer life then dieing of liver failure or a heart attack.

This year has been the year for me to have a few epiphanies about food. I usually have a cheat meal once per week and lately every time I chose something, it did not taste good and was not worth the extra fats, calories and sodium. I would feel angry about eating something that did not taste good. I would put so much effort into thinking of what my next cheat would be because I did not want to waste it on something that did not taste good. I would have another cheat meal and again, same thing! I finally realized to myself that the only foods that tastes good to me is clean and healthy foods.

Clean and healthy foods can be very satisfying and make your mouth happy. I always experiment with foods and recipes to figure out ways to make healthy recipes interesting. This to me is way better than what I was doing before. Not only is my stomach thanking me, but I feel better about it. Food dripping in grease and sodium is not my idea of a good time.

I went to dinner the other night at Cactus Club, and I didn't even order off the menu. I told the waitress I wanted a piece of salmon with nothing on it and some asparagus and green beans. I ordered 1 glass of red wine and that was my dinner. Honestly, the restaurant really doesn't care about these types of orders and it does not take them much to whip up a dinner like this. I enjoyed my glass of Merlot and that was my dinner. I felt good after and not heavy and bloated.

I love to go to social gatherings, but I do not enjoy having people in their 30's and 40's trying to convince me to do shots. This is what I enjoyed doing when I was in my early 20's, and seriously its time to grow up a bit. I don't enjoy being hung over for 2 days straight.

This summer I am planning on more outdoor activities hiking, kayaking, and I want to try rock climbing. These are things that I believe are going to make me enjoy summer more(and lay by the pool of course). I am going to try to convince my friends to do this as well.

You don't need to be drunk off your ass every weekend or shovelling high calorie foods down your throat to have a good time. There are many different things you can do with your life rather then making yourself unhealthy with the bad choices you make, and you can't enjoy life if you are obese, have heart problems or have to inject insulin all the time because you are diabetic.

Everything in moderation, and life will be so much more enjoyable!


  1. I agree with you about food and people trying to make you eat things that you dont want to I constantly get bombarded with my choices in food.

    It makes me a little upset but I also have to realise that people hide behind addictions and food in itself is an addiction!

    ok my two cents! :)

  2. So true, they really do! There are so many people out there with food addictions. Also there are so many jealous people wishing they could have strong will power so they can look and feel better.

  3. I so agree with everything you said! It is so frustrating when people at work talk about their bad food choices and their stupid drinking. I don't know why they feel they have to say that to someone who 1) is a diabetic and 2) is taking care of themselves. Idiots....

  4. I also did a similar post a few weeks back where I too complained about the fact that at social gatherings, they don't cater for our needs which is clean eating. I choose healthy eating due to the processed foods which do make me feel ill and why should we explain ourselves every time?
    Great post.


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